Cozy Couple Session in Brooklyn, NY

WOW. I cried while editing this gallery because these people hold such a special place in my heart! Capturing the enormity of Gianni + Maeve’s love was so special to me because I usually see the loudness, quirkiness + fun that makes up their love story but capturing the silent moments, getting a glimpse of the other side of their love – the side that plays with each others fingers,  + whispers sweet nothings in each others ears, that holds each other to reassure safety + confidence was just a new way of seeing the beautiful love story that is Gianni + Maeve.

Gianni… Maeve… I love you both so much individually + will always root for you two as a couple. Thank you for being the bad asses that you are.

Wow… I said “Gianni” and “Maeve” alot just now haha… oh well!