Stamford, Connecticut Wedding

This is another wedding I second shot for with the EXTREMELY TALENTED Justin Kunimoto (main photographer). Oh my goodness, this human is literally the most genuine, the most approachable + the most selfless photographer ever. I honestly learned so much just by watching him do his thing. Throughout the day he constantly asked Krystle + Cris if they needed anything (food, water, etc.) He always put their needs before photos to make sure above all else they had the most amazing day + that they lived in the moment and soaked up all the joy from their wedding day. Justin, I am so grateful I got a chance to work with you, I’m so grateful I was able to meet some amazing people… I actually cried to my boyfriend when I left the reception because I felt I connected with this couple + their family/friends. I feel like that’s how it should be though, you should feel a connection with your photographer because they ARE spending the most important day of your life with you!

Also, Justin taught me how to do this glare thing with your flash so that the reception looks lit AF + honestly, life has never been the same after learning this technique.

Please please please check out Justin’s work, he is amazing + so fun to be around + is just the absolute best.

Justin’s website: Click here to view