Cuddly editorial is a term I used to describe the feeling in my images. I'm drawn to editorial, artistic imagery that utilizes both composition and lighting to create imagery that feels classic and elevated. But I'm also drawn to imagery that feels authentic to the moment and makes you feel something. Here's the thing, your wedding images should feel like you. So much effort get's put into selecting the florals, the color palette, the dress and more (as it should) but I promise you, as the years go by, what you're going to remember most about your wedding day is your mom tearing up as she helps you get ready, the look in your dad's eyes as you have your father/daughter dance, your friends on the dancefloor screaming to Beyonce's new song and the little moments throughout the day when you and partner look at each other and say "I love you."

The cuddly editorial photographer.


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This is the one night all the people you love from all walks of life will be in the same room together. I believe your wedding should feel like an experience, not an event. It shouldn't feel like you are walking from one photo op to the next. You deserve to be relaxed, you deserve to be at peace, you deserve to enjoy this one in a lifetime moment that you spent months planning and curating. Maybe even years planning if you started planning your wedding at the ripe ol' age of 13. With my experience photographing weddings, I will help create a timeline that gives breathing room to let you be fully present and help guide you in the planning process from start to finish. I'll be your resource and friend through it all.