Known for my big curly hair, funky glasses and quirky uncontrollable laugh... This is me!

about me.


I started photography in the summer of 2015 when my mom, bless her heart, got me a camera for a road-trip I was taking. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, seeing the beauty in two imperfect people choosing each other despite their flaws.

One of the most important elements of a relationship is truth. That is what I seek to capture! YOUR truth - who you guys are truthfully. If that's jumping around acting a fool - LET'S DO IT! If that's dancing and spinning until you get dizzy, I'm all in. Poses are cool but what about those in-between moments where you're laughing uncontrollably and can't stop? That should be captured too! It's just as special, if not more! And that's what I want. I wanna give you something tangible that you can look at for the rest of your lives, something you can look at and relive for ever and ever. 

So, let's do this thang!




my approach



I’m the photog who values prompts over poses. You’re gonna be moving ALOT during our session, that’s why I ask my couples to wear comfy shoes! I know what it’s like to be in front of a camera + all of a sudden not know what to do with your hands + your legs start to feel out of place. All of a sudden, you start to forget how to just be yourselves! My approach to photography is getting you guys to move with helpful prompts to get you out of your head + back in the moment with eachother. Think of our time together as a date, it should feel fun, unrehearsed, raw + real… with me as the perfect third wheel!



I’m not just a vendor to check off your wedding to-do list. I’m not just someone who wants to take all your money. I’m not your average photographer. I want to be your friend. My approach to creating comfort in front of my camera is building long lasting friendships grounded in communication, honesty + trust. By the time we meet in person, I will have facetime’d you, sent numerous texts + will know your nicknames for each other, your quirks + all of that good stuff that sets your love story apart from the rest. You can trust me with your love story.



I don’t want the perfect, put together version of you two. I want the real, the raw + the honest version of yourselves. I wanna see how you two laugh uncontrollably together, how your hands come together like two perfect puzzle pieces. To me it’s not about the weather, or perfect hair or the perfect outfit… what matters most to me, is capturing you two just being you. Trust that I’m going to guide you + if there’s something in your teeth, or your hair looks crazy, of course I’ll be there to help! But perfection is not what I’m after. So during our session, put all of that worry about how you look aside + just be in the moment. 




Q & A


Where are you located? Do you do Non-New York weddings?


I’m located in White Plains, NY! I’ve lived here all my life but have a bucket list of places I’ve always wanted to go to! If you’re saying I DO in one of the places on my bucket list, you won’t have to pay for travel expenses! If you aren’t, I’m still so down to travel to capture you + your soulmate’s special day!


How many images are included?


Depends on the wedding + session. But typically for a couple session, I say that you’ll get at least 30-70 images. And for a full 8 hr wedding, you should expect at least 400 images. I don’t like putting a maximum cap on how many I send, because every wedding/session is different but trust that I will give you the best pictures from your time with me!


Do you give our raw or unedited photos?


No, I do not. Editing is such a big part of the process for me + is my art form. So giving out raw photos is giving out half the product. You can trust that I will give you all the photos you’ll ever want. My clients are my pals who I hold close to my heart + my expectation is that throughout building this friendship, we’ll build trust. That is super important to me… that you trust me. So please, don’t ask for RAWs!


How does payment work?


I require a 50% deposit at the time of booking + signing the contract. The remainder is due a day before your wedding/session. I accept payment through Honeybook.


What happens if we cancel or reschedule our shoot date?


If you’ve already booked your day with me + for some reason have to cancel or reschedule, your deposit is non-refundable. In order to book a new day, you’d have to put another deposit down to lock in that date. Trust me, this isn’t to get more money out of you! I’m depending on and expecting that money to pay my bills. Not only that but I’m most likely rejected potential clients for that date as well!


What happens if the weather is bad on the day of our session?


Remember that thing I said about trust?! Trust me when I say, some of the most fun sessions I’ve been a part of have happened when the weather wasn’t what I expected it to be. I say, embrace the rain or snow! Like I said up there, my approach is capturing the emotion + rawness of who you two are, and the weather isn’t gonna take away from that at all, it’s gonna make for even more beautiful pictures + memories together!