Whether it's a cozy engagement session in Central Park or a grand wedding in the Catskills, Ellie is a photographer who is dedicated to providing couples with meaningful images that they will cherish for a lifetime. 

Having studied acting and photography, she's used what she's learned in both fields to direct her couples in a way that is organic to their story while also encouraging them to romanticize the little lives they've built for themselves. Passionate about creating a comfortable, relaxed environment for every client and allowing them to truly be themselves in front of the camera, she aims to capture authentic moments and emotions, rather than stiff poses or forced smiles.

With her over 7 years of experience as a wedding photographer and documenting over hundreds of couples, she has been named NYC's top wedding photographer. 

Her greatest joy is being able to give every couple a gallery that is cohesive, timeless, elevated, organic and undeniably them. Photography is not just a job for her, it's a passion.

documenting weddings in the Catskills, NYC, Brooklyn, Westchester and New England.



I'm Ellie


Have you noticed a shift in the way you approach posting on Instagram? Your feed, once meticulously curated, now exudes a beautiful chaos. It's filled with authentic moments and genuine laughter, capturing blurry photos that hold a special place in your heart as you and your best friend laugh hysterically over a new TikTok video. What was once a platform for heavily edited images has blossomed into a space that truly reflects your essence. Fewer edits, less effort to conform, and more of you shining through. Embracing your true self and loving it.

In the world of weddings, this feeling is magnified. More couples are opting to document their special day in a raw and unfiltered manner. Phrases like "candid photography" and "documentary photography" are tossed around incessantly, but what do they truly entail? In my mind, candid and documentary photography are inseparable. They place emphasis on capturing life as it naturally occurs, immortalizing the messy and fleeting moments that often slip through the cracks as time slips away. And nothing flies by faster than your wedding day. To be fully present and savor every fleeting moment is a priceless gift.

My approach is unique. I see the inherent beauty in the raw, imperfect moments that make up our lives. The unfiltered laughter, the wind tousled hair, and the candid snapshots of us mid-conversation. These fleeting instances hold a timeless charm that we can cherish endlessly. Join me in embracing the organic. Join me in embracing the messy.