full time hopeless romantic
lover of all things furry & snuggly
chocolate chip cookies are my love language


My lil pup, Pebbie and my amazing hubby.

Spending time with my mom and dad.

Book club with my cousins... It Ends With Us had us hooked along with the rest of the world!

Twerking with my clients during reception. I learned from my pops to always be the first and last person on the dance floor.

Margaritas + dancing the night away with my girls.

Literally any time spent with my husband because I'm obsessed with being in his presence to the point where anytime he leaves the room I ask, "where are you goinggggg"

Game nights. Yes, I am competitive. But is it competitive, if you know you're gonna win? 


I've always loved love. As a little girl, I would watch the movies and was always enamored with grand gestures. When the prince saved the princess, when they lived happily ever after and rode the horse off into the sunset.

Then I got older.


No, but seriously.

As I got older, my idea of love and it's existence in the world evolved. The one thing I believe everyone has in common in the whole world, is the desire to be loved. The desire to have someone fully see you for who you are and still choose you.

No, love is not what I read in the books or saw in the movies as a little girl. It's not happily ever after. It's actually better than that.

Love is chaos. It's not always pretty. It's a reflection of who you are at your core and what you stand for. Love is sacrifice and compromise. Love can be hard and it can be complicated at times but it can also bring you immense joy. Love is choosing to stay when it would be easier to leave. Love is amazing. It's at the core of our fulfillment in life. 

What is love for me personally?

Love is sleeping in on a Sunday and cuddling. It's making a cup of coffee together and enjoying it in the morning. Love is seeing my husband's hair in the sink after shaving and cleaning it even though I've told him THRICE to make sure he leaves the bathroom clean, haha. Love is going to get ice cream. It's cuddling around the Christmas tree and dreaming of our life goals together. It's walks around the neighborhood. Love is eating dinner together after a days work. Love is asking each other countless times "What movie do you wanna watch" and ending up putting on an episode of The Office because we took too long to decide.

To love and to be loved... It's the biggest adventure.

It's all of that, in one. And that perfectly imperfect love deserves to be captured because your love, your stories... they are the only one of it's time. Choose to document it.

The older I get, the more aware I am of moments and how fleeting they are. I'm aware of time and how little we have of it in the grand scheme of things. Because of this, I see the importance of preserving memories. My mom is the reason I'm a photographer. There wasn't a moment in my childhood that wasn't documented. And even now, I'll find random photographs around the house of her and my dad doing life together - something as simple as an old photograph of them eating at their favorite restaurant years ago brings me tears, happy tears. We have such a strong connection to photographs of the people we love.

That's what I strive to give to my couples. Photographs of the fleeting moments spent with the ones they love. Photographs that are equally artistic as they are emotive. Photographs that they will look back on years from now and think "what a wonderful life I lived"

One of my friends called my work "cuddly editorial" + I've never felt more understood. Above all else, your story comes first. My goal is to honor your story. Your story is unlike any one else's. How you met, how you hold each other, how you communicate with one another, how you do life together is unique to you both. It's something to be cherished. I value photography because it's a means to look back on memories in such a visceral way. It's a means of preserving fleeting memories. My mom is the only one in her family that truly documented her life consecutively when she was younger and I often get nostalgic and get a chance to look back at old pictures from her glory days with my dad. Your wedding and your love deserves to be captured + your wedding photos will be an eternal keepsake that will only grow in value overtime.

I'm a candid photographer who is also passionate about artistic editorial imagery. So in many of my galleries, you'll see a mixture of candids as well as cool, funky imagery as well. So if you value both those worlds and are down to create, I think we'll be the perfect fit! I'm a photographer who collaborates with my couples, no relationship is one sided! And I believe imagery that makes you feel something requires the effort of both of us. Let's create together.



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